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Heelloo People, Check me out. I'm a fourth year science communications major. Which means I can decode tricky scientific statistics and jargon into real holistic terms that anybody can understand. Hopefully this skill will get me a position where I can actually be paid to write the news, facilitate environmental learning or communicate the message of company to the media. It's a really rad degree I have, ask me about it. Outside of class I work with a few organizations. One is Friends of the UBC Farm. Funny thing, the writing I do for this class helps them work towards theirs. The goal I'm talking about is food security. The term means a lot of things. For one a sustainable and accessible source of food. Another org that works towards this is Food Not Bombs, of which I am a part - loosely. And another really rad group out there is Global Agents for Change. We fundraise to alleviate global inequity through micro-credit. And we ride bikes at the same time! My historical background is that of Saint Small Minnesnowda. It's a cool place but so is Vancouver, Canada and so is Georgetown in Guyana or so I hear. As you can read, I like talking about the environment while I travel. Read the blog and you'll find out how much food travels and what it does to the land along the way. It's an interesting story that raises an intriguing question...who pays for food's global escapades?

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